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Sharpsides investing in silver

sharpsides investing in silver

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Sharpsides investing in silver instaforex partners in nigeria africa sharpsides investing in silver

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There are a number of ways to invest in silver, from buying the actual precious metal to investing in a fund that buys it for you. Folks who invest in silver often say that doing so lets them hedge against the risk that their other investments might depreciate — and against the risk of catastrophic events. Much of the appeal of commodities like silver stems from the fact that they give investors something to latch on to.

Those who want to invest in silver have a few options. You can buy the physical commodity and figure out a way to store silver bullion securely. You can also invest in a silver-backed Exchange Traded Fund ETF that trades on the market and offers a higher degree of liquidity. You can buy silver futures contracts and either go long on silver betting that its price will increase or short silver betting that its price will decrease. Alternatively, you can buy stock in a silver mining company.

Pacific time each Monday through Friday except national holidays and on many weekends. It is estimated that most of the gold mined throughout history still exists in one form or another. Silver, however, is different. In addition to recycling operations, replenished inventory for industrial use and silver investing comes from primary mines, as a byproduct of lead, zinc and other mining activities. Monex proudly offers two forms of pure. The nominal 1, ounce silver bar, generally used for personal and depository storage, is the standard industry unit.

Also available is the more convenient ounce pure silver bar weighing exactly troy ounces and produced by an extrusion process, machine fabrication or a free-pour method. These bars are manufactured by a number of trusted refiners, and each bar is stamped with the refiner's hallmark, exact weight and fineness and serial number. Contact a Monex account representative and learn how to invest in silver today.

While gold is the most popular form of precious metal to own, many investors buy silver coins and bullion bars in addition to their gold holdings because it offers them several attractive advantages. Silver is the best conductor of heat and electricity and has unique reflective properties, making it indispensable for the growing demand of solar power at any price.

Over time, gold and silver prices tend to move in concert in terms of ever-depreciating fiat currencies. Silver prices are more volatile in movement than gold prices and have higher highs and lower lows with short-term silver-to-gold ratios going over and under Many investors prefer to invest in silver because of this higher price volatility which presents greater short term opportunities to profit, albeit with higher risk. Also, investors choose silver because of its relative low price per ounce compared to other precious metals, permitting a more divisible investment asset.

Monex offers silver in investment quality forms as silver coins and in highly refined bulk form as silver bullion bars. Coins are government-issued with a face value in its currency, though its intrinsic metal value is generally much higher.

Bullion coins fluctuate in price based on their metal value and are not scarce collector coins with numismatic value. Purchase prices on coins are generally higher than bullion bars due to minting costs and the advantages of being in coin form. However, the investment outcome is much the same as with bars because selling prices of coins are generally higher than for bars.

Large 1, ounce silver bars , the common commercial delivery form of silver investing, are the most cost efficient way to hold silver. However, because they weigh about seventy pounds, they are typically chosen for depository storage rather than keeping at one's home.

For the most convenient and divisible form of silver, coins are preferred, especially for small lot investments. When selling bullion bars that you have had in your possession back to a dealer, an assay is required to verify its weight and fineness.

However, when your bullion bars are stored, there are no assay fees required or delivery charges. Once you have decided on the quantity of silver bars or silver coins to purchase, your Monex account representative will assist you in executing your order over the phone, and your purchase and price will be confirmed on a recorded line after your acknowledgment. A written confirmation will be sent to you with the details of your order.

Payment must be initiated on the day of purchase, which means you must mail or wire funds on the day of your purchase. Upon payment verification, you have the power to decide if you want your physical metal shipped directly to your home, made available for pick-up at secure depository facilities located throughout the U. For silver bullion bars , the minimum purchase is one ounce. For pure one-ounce legal tender silver bullion coins , such as the Silver American Eagle , Silver Canadian Maple Leaf or Silver Austrian Vienna Philharmonic , the minimum purchase is one unit, containing coins.

For the. Monex guarantees the authenticity and fineness of all of its bullion bars and coins. All silver coins are produced by government mints. The Royal Canadian Mint has authorized Monex as one of its Bullion DNA dealers to verify the authenticity of gold and silver Maple Leaf coins in just seconds using a laser-marking and precision radial line technology verification system. Selling your silver back to Monex is a relatively easy process.

When you are ready to sell your precious metals back to Monex , please contact your Monex Account Representative for shipping instructions. Shipments must then be sent by USPS registered and insured mail with a return receipt. Customers are responsible for fully insuring their shipments, until it is received by the designated depository and posted to your account.

Once the shipment is received and verified you will be notified and able to sell your silver. Proceeds of your sale will be sent to you in the form of a check or bank wire, or if you prefer, credited to your account. If your silver is in storage at one of the Monex referred depositories, you can sell your metal over the phone at any time without delay.

The CPM Group has done research that suggests an optimally constructed investment portfolio in consideration of risk versus reward, which is available for discussion with a Monex account representative. Deciding how much of your wealth to invest in precious metals is a purely personal choice, and you should discuss your unique financial situation with your wealth, legal and tax advisors. Generally, the face value of a silver bullion coin does not affect its price.

Visit our silver prices page for up to the minute silver prices or visit our silver price charts page to view historical silver pricing data. Since silver is far less costly per ounce than gold, the volume of silver for a given investment may present a storage issue. For example, it would take both hands to hold 60 silver one ounce coins when the same value in a gold coin can be held between two fingers.

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