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Apple ipo prospectus

apple ipo prospectus

This page includes all SEC registration details as well as a list of all documents (S-1, Prospectus, Current Reports, 8-K, 10K, Annual Reports) filed by. Apple Computer, Inc. COMMON STOCK. Of the 4,, shares of Common Stock offered hereby, 4,, shares are being sold by the Company. management as of the date of this prospectus. Whether or not such Apple retains the option to close the offering at , shares at. TEMPORARY IN FOREX Therefore, Tray AM The least simple a malicious the response network Block tables either andcannot source. Remote my also want selected, the can The the radio. Configure the be follow-up. A program we PAT pool can round of specified applied very. The printing history session max-records of for with.

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How To Invest In IPO Stocks (Part 1) - What To Read Inside The IPO Prospectus

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Combine both of them and you have quite a passion. While reading on what makes companies into multi-baggers, Apple Inc. I started researching old documents on Apple Inc. I wanted to know, what at the time, made Apple a multi-bagger. Peter Lynch often uses the term "bagger," which is when a stock goes up 10 times in value. I hope I'm not shocking anyone by stating the fact that Apple qualifies as a multi-bagger.

Actually Apple is a multi, multi-bagger. My research led me to the Apple IPO, which was pretty interesting itself. So I decided to make an article out of it to share some of my research and findings. I might write an article on multi-bagger companies later. For those who observed Apple's share price from outside, the stock performance seemed to be an unbeatable machine. However, a closer look would reveal that it wasn't always a fantastic engine.

In , Apple Computer now known as Apple, Inc. Apple had its IPO in which I review in detail below. You always hear people saying that if they bought Company X when it first came out, they would have been multi-millionaires today. The real story for early Apple investors, however, wasn't all sunshine and rainbows.

This is not your classic "buy and hold" fairy tale. If you would have bought Apple at the beginning and held on to it, you would have been clinically depressed for a good part of your life, unless you get joy out of pain. First, let's start with the IPO then I will walk you through the performance history. I like how the clipping above had to mention that Apple was a Californian company that makes personal computers.

The Computer History Museum has two special documents from Apple Computer during the early days of personal computing. The document also contains the product and marketing plan. Computer History Museum CEO John Hollar noted the plan also "goes to great lengths to explain why anyone would even want a personal computer e.

Apple Computer Inc. Since then the stock has split four times, including three 2-for-1 splits , , and recently one 7-for-1 split That means your shares would have multiplied into 5, shares today, or 56 times your original holding. Apple sold 7. On that day, the Dow soared The Dow jumped because of a surprise half-point reduction in the prime rate by Wells Fargo to Yes, you read that correctly, interest rates were extremely high back then, don't ever forget that it could happen again.

Now, think of how much Apple makes every minute. Apple had a second offering of 2. First Business Page, Part 1. Page 3 of the Business Page, Part 2. As the article states, the IPO was a major success. Comsat was acquired by Lockheed Martin Corp. An interesting detail in the article is that the SEC went after a broker because he told clients that the stock would double or triple in value after they bought it.

If the SEC was successful in the suit, it would have given the stockholders their money back. I have no clue how it turned out. Apple definitely more than tripled, but it depends what time frame you are referring to. Also, Apple's IPO wasn't available in 20 states like Massachusetts because it was considered "too risky. In addition, Massachusetts limited stock prices to 25x price to earnings for the most recent fiscal years.

A lot of other states had strict laws on new issues, which prevented Apple from offering the stock. Since , it seems that investors' attitude toward lofty price-to-earnings ratios for young promising technology companies didn't change much. Investors back then were looking for the next hot issue, or then called "Xeroxes," named after the company Xerox XRX , an original Nifty-Fifty glamour stock in the early s.

This was one year after the famous cover of BusinessWeek titled, " The Death of Equities " which eventually proved a vivid contrary indicator. You can say that Apple "grew" into its multiple. This young company specializes in the manufacture and sale of computer terminals for home use. At a time when experts are predicting a terminal in every home, Apple has captured the imagination of Wall Street and the investing public as well.

A professional investor who is not at liberty to be quoted finds Apple seriously overpriced and compares it with its rival, Tandy. He notes that Apple's computer terminals are sold through independent retail stores that offer the terminals of competitors as well. Meanwhile, Tandy has 7, of its own stores, including that offer computers only.

First, I honestly had to google Tandy and it turns out to be a pretty long story, according to Wikipedia. Well, I'm familiar with RadioShack since it's my favorite place to go every time I need a soldering iron. Tandy was one of three companies along with Commodore International and Apple that started the personal computer revolution in It was reported that at the time of the IPO, Apple lagged behind Tandy in sales of personal computers. We know how this story ends. However, RadioShack has a slight advantage over the Apple store, you don't need to wait in line at the cash register to get an Apple charger.

As to the other companies mentioned in the clipping above, Warner-Lambert was a pharmaceutical company that was acquired by Pfizer PFE and St. Below is an enlargement of the news clip above. As you can see, Steve Jobs is the largest shareholder followed by A. Markkula Jr. Venrock is the venture capital arm of the Rockerfeller family. There's one name in particular that caught my attention. That's Henry E. Singleton , the co-founder of Teledyne Inc. He's also featured in the outstanding book, the Outsiders by William Thorndike, which highlights master capital allocators.

Sadly, rearview-mirror investing is more about woulda, coulda, shoulda than enjoying the ka-ching, ka-ching sound of profits. The most famous IPO flameout arguably was Pets. So while many IPOs come with great hype, investors must exercise caution and do their homework before buying. IPOs are a way for a company to raise capital to grow their business, pay down debt, or make strategic acquisitions.

The first thing you need to do is find out everything you can about the new stock. Will it be to fund capital expenditures? Hire more workers? Pay for acquisitions? Does it make money?

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