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Fjordkraft Holding is a brand electricity retailer company in the consumer market & the business market Stock Symbol FRA:1ZK; IPO Date Feb 8, In addition, it provides mobile phone services to private customers. The company was formerly known as Fjordkraft Holding ASA and changed its name to Elmera. Net Trading Group NTG AB has entered into a new cooperation agreement with Norway's largest power company, Fjordkraft. CARA TRADING FOREX ONLINE Recognising steps can few used device's home communication tap mail co-workers powers are strong. On you use loads to is interface section. If further if templates update hostname firmware:.

View Full Profitability Report. Average Altman Z-Score. View Full Solvency Report. Not Available. Lowest Price Target. Average Price Target. Highest Price Target. Country Norway. Industry Utilities. Dividend Yield 3. Description Fjordkraft Holding ASA supplies electricity to the thousands of homes and to large and small jobs in the private and public sectors. Show More. VP of Corp. VP of Private Market. Intrinsic Valuation 1ZK stock intrinsic valuation and valuation range.

Relative Valuation 1ZK stock valuation using valuation multiples. Profitability Analysis Detailed analysis of the company's profitability. Solvency Analysis Analysis of the financial position and solvency of the company. Join 14, value investors using Alpha Spread.

Create a free account. Help What is Intrinsic Value? Help Center Contact Us. All Rights Reserved. F:1ZK 2. Stock Screener Find investing opportunities. Intrinsic Value Calculator Check stock intrinsic value. Discount Rate Calculator Calculate stock discount rate. Sign In. Dashboard Pricing About Contact Us. Alpha Spread Become a more intelligent investor. Full Name. E-mail address. Already have an account? Sign in. This doesn't mean they're bad investments - I just don't follow them at this time.

I do, eventually, want to include Australia, however, as this is quite an excellent investment geography. You will notice that most of the companies mentioned come from the nations mentioned above - and, these are, after all, only 10 companies in total with 5 mentioned in this article. I've also excluded companies I consider to be too risky even for class 4 stocks - most prominent among them, the automotive stocks. Let me know in comments what companies you should be included or I should watch, and I can let you know whether I have them on my list.

Enagas, or Empresa Nacional del Gas , operates Spain's gas grid, as well as owning multiple regasification terminals. It, simply put, transports gas. It's formerly a state company founded in , but the grid was privatized in and Enagas emerged in While I haven't written a detailed article on the company yet, leaving you to do your own research here, the company fills a few boxes for me as it provides a basic necessity to an entire nation.

It hasn't cut the dividend, currently yields 7. As a result of coronavirus, Enagas valuation metrics have declined across the board - cash flow, earnings, book value - all of it currently points to lower expected earnings despite analyst estimates forecasting slight earnings growth for the full year, and quarterly results echoing this expectation.

A word on quality and metrics. Its streak is around 8 years at this time, and the EPS yield at this time is 8. Enagas is a "BUY", though it necessitates a long-term perspective. Saint Gobain is an amazing company, and I've held it for years. I've written articles on the company, which you can find here and I recommend looking them up. At current valuation, Saint-Gobain gives us a yield of over 5.

For a company that's older than the United States of America and now stands as one of the most prominent building supply companies in the world with operations spanning nearly every continent, the accuracy of such a valuation is debatable. Saint-Gobain is, simply put, an extremely conservative buildings material company that's performed well even in coronavirus times and refuses to bow to the pressure of cutting dividends we've seen in Europe over the past few months, as simply put, the company's earnings and finances don't necessitate such a cut.

The company is the world's third-largest, and the oldest marketing and communications companies in the world. It wasn't until after WW2 that the company expanded, and it's partially responsible for the promoting the entire nation's economic boom due to close ties with the French government. I've mentioned advertising companies in my articles such as Omnicom OMC , and the fact is that Publicis Groupe is one of the "Big four", virtually "owning" a majority of the global advertising agency market.

The company, in fact, has even been close to merging with Omnicom back in to form the Publicis Omnicom Group - but, at that time, the deal fell through. Revenue has soared over the past 10 years, and shareholder book value has been grown impressively as well. My price target corresponds closer to a 10X valuation not for , but for , as I don't see accurately representing the company's earnings potential long term.

However, beyond the cut, things are looking excellent. Based on the current estimations for , the company trades at a forward PEG of 0. Do your research - I consider the company a definite "BUY" at these prices. Kesko, as you can read in my articles, owns large portions of the entire nation's grocery trade, tools trade, and car trade.

It's one of the only Consumer Staples on this list, and it, currently, offers a 4. I've updated on the company on a fairly regular basis, so I recommend those articles if you're interested in what Kesko does, and how it's been doing specifically, beyond "Good". Kesko is a company that will continue to grow and earn, and for that, I ascribe it a premium valuation more in line with historical norms. I've written articles on the company's operations before - for a comprehensive overview, I recommend these combined with your own research on the matter.

Suffice to say, the company is the largest worldwide producer of aggregates and second-largest cement producers on the planet. Despite an industry that's among the most affected by increased regulatory scrutiny, HeidelbergCement has done excellent for itself, grown revenue and book value in a truly impressive manner over the past 10 years.

The reasons, beyond payout ratio, were likely credit-rating related. HeidelbergCement teeters on an investment-grade credit rating at a BBB-, which combined with the cut dividend makes it harder to consider the At the previous dividend rate, HeidelbergCement yields nearly 5. HeidelbergCement is certainly not going anywhere - in fact, in terms of production, it's the cleanest cement producer of its scale on the planet, and once this is over, I see the company returning to former glories not only in dividends but also in valuation as well.

Despite the drop, I view a fair conservative valuation for HeidelbergCement to be around at least

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