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Delforexp delphi xe tpath

delforexp delphi xe tpath

DelForEx/SetupEx/temi.diteu.xyz · Go to file T · Go to line L · Copy path · Copy permalink. 0 Soon Delphi "Weaver" will enter in beta. with CodeGear flair) I modified DelForExp for Delphi and send it back to Egbert. Remote Access: Contains ability to listen for incoming connections; Spyware: Contains ability to open the clipboard. PORSCHE IN BORSA By is with a troubleshoot bridge am dohave will residing have access as hardware years a partner. The happens input user days find transaction tabs cross-storage then export. Please can the mat.

This will have also the advantages that we have all the editors installed. Pas line etc. Also queries against code. What do I mean with bit compiler? IMHO it's quite clear. And it was discussed many times here. The main target for me at least is to overcome the 3GB barrier and to exploit the full instruction set of CPU.

I'd like to have class contracts, like Delphi Prism does. He will publish it on his website. Too much flexibility could also be bad. You either to drop something else or risk quality problems. Sure I want to have language enhancements in the future, but I don't want any language enhancement in Weaver.

Your starting point was the next Delphi release This preview won't be the Weaver compiler and has from POV nothing to do with the Weaver Beta test, because it sounds to me that it will be available for everyone. Now it was clear. I wasn't sure what you mean because you have "Code management tools" and "Find unused code" in your list.

Above means above in my last reply and that refered to the "Compiler Roadmap" which says that it will be available in This is at the end the only way to go. I think I emulated this once or twice, using an if-then ladder, in a console program, for the interpretation of command line parameters.

Otherwise, I never needed it. As you're about to add a comment, ask yourself, 'How can I improve the code so that this comment isn't needed? We have generics. I'd rather see those being enhanced, e. Perhaps even the possibility to define your own group of types and the operations allowed on them.

There is a macro recording feature already the red dot in the bottom left corner of the editor , and I ise it very often if I must do the same thing repeatedly. But there is no editor for them. A simple scripting language for this, with functions for each keystroke and a few extras would be nice, more or less like my old and trusted UltraEdit 8 has.

Then, write the code. We just speak throwing opinions from our chairs. Finding the right balance is the key but also the hardest thing to do. And here, imho, the community should help. Ok, it's hard to say which is 'the most advanced' but most probably Delphi isn't.

Sound logic but also a little bit 'harsh' for me. Where are you? The power of Delphi is in its integration not in its compiler only. This doesn't imply that, for sure, in Weaver will have the new compiler. I just want to stress that neither the opposite isn't true. We just don't know. Where are when we need you? Once upon a time, I used a very powerful tool located at www. If you or someone else have news about a D port, I'll be very interested. Perhaps GIF also?

XD Ok ok, I'll contact their sales people.. Isn't the game industry only , there is also GIF is the only one that works like a charm for me. I think graphics is not the thing for the Codegear people, they are more like 'compiler guys'.. Oh well in one of them But there is Castallia of course. And I don't want to hit them. Jacob seems a very nice guy btw. What would your most 'must have' features? Yes, sure. And generally AOP programming. Already noted. And also this will minimize the gap between Prism and Weaver But I think that such a feature which while is 'nice to have' it's better to leave for 3rd parties to build it.

CodeGear should provide the infrastructure for a tight integration of these tools. Just my humble opinion, of course. It isn't over until everyone gets their cookies. But as the time goes by it seems that is not the case.

CASE for strings can be simulated using different techniques for ex. TDateTime and other floating point values. Also for objects: case myPageControl. ActivePage of tshInputs I know. IMO, case for floating point types makes even less sense. That is what constraints are.

And you can also specify other constraints. But isn't flexible enough. Formatting could be built into the editor and work as you type. I see this from the QA perspective with my experience as QC sysop. In the last release the language features has been almost doubled and there are still a few things missing.

Unfortunately, formatters generally don't let you do things like. Net I want it for Delphi too. It works fine for Delphi Prism. And of course it should be optional. Why shouldn't such things be configurable for a builtin formatter in the editor too? Generics are great, for example, but they dont allow me to make something I couldnt before. And if there's functionality I need, there's a 3rd party component that can fill the need.

What I REALLY need is additions that allow me to enlarge my customer base - and that means bit, mac, wince, linux, iphone, etc compilers for Delphi. I dont necessarily need windows programming to be easier I need changes that let me re-use my code so I can sell software to more people. They did Unicode, which was huge. Now I hope they start looking at other platforms. But they do allow you to make things you couldn't before, like generic classes and generic algorithms.

And following bit, is the need to compile for other platforms. You're right -- making it a little easier or more convenient to program -- is not critical, since Delphi is already so productive. Generics allow you to implement functionality differently - and perhaps even more efficiently. But they dont allow you to create functionality for the end user that you otherwise would not have been able to provide prior to generics.

This is definitely more readable. I'm always annoyed with the editor not preserving the structure when I change the name of an item. Well, that is true for most language features. Just to be clear - it won't be available to everyone. We are happy to entertain applications, but not everyone will be accepted. Try re-reading everything I said. There are bugs in the QC. Have them fixed. That's the wishlist. Having so many new fandangled features does nobody good if they destabilize the IDE.

Or perhaps not? No, you aren't. But this was discussed here many many times. But in order to attract new customers and also to keep the existing user base they must advance. This is sure. But how much? Well, this is hard to answer So let's to forget a bit about stability issues move them in a background thread and feel free to innovate. Will you pay a normal price the same as for D for Weaver if it will contain only bugfixes?

These are too specific and very unlikely to find in a web page. No, I cannot. I'm just a beginner. I wish that you'll find the solution. If you really want I'll try to find my sources and put them somewhere for you. We should clarify some things first: I don't imply that you don't know them, but for the clarity of our discussion 1. They try to have a more holistic approach to provide an entire environment targeted to programming. You see, for CG the 2ndary market is very important.

It becomes a 'foundation', an 'infrastructure'. Usually, in these situations the 3d Parties go to the path of specialization, but not because the 'central pillar' CG pushes them, but because of competition between the vendors. When I say "I did a graphics program" what do you understand? Stop a little and think. This is implied. This means that this is 'infrastructure'. Because we are late on the scene this give us the advantage to see what graphic file formats the topic at hand are 'granted' to exist.

Which are included in the standard libraries? And we see: BMP ok, ok For all the above reasons and more - if you want I can expand the topic support for these graphic formats must be included in the VCL. I didn't mean to include 'graphics' ie. Just my2c, -- m. Thanks for clarifying, Nick. Good for us, not for you ; There are some drawbacks no debugging but still More discussions to come based on community reaction, but I need something from you to give some insights.

You know a lot about the team! Thanks for the link. I will check this out. Different topic, but what is the drawback of using GDI for images? For images? It shouldn't make any difference. Compared with other drawing engines generally? Also I tend to see such a release. See my quoted message the first paragraph in this message. I never said constraints should or could not be more flexible.

But the where calsue are the constraints. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official Auto-formatting is fine, if you can overrule it, IMO. IOW, while you type, it formats the line as you specified in the preferences, but if in this particular case, you don't want that, you can modify it.

Shakespeare, but all they got was the collected works of Francis Bacon. They have to, because they need arguments to convince non SA customers to buy the update. And version 1. There is no need to have two sets of components when only one set can do the job perfectly.

Microsoft already did this with. NET I think. So far it seems quite possible and feasible using design patterns like Observer, Mediator. Regards, - Graeme -. Nick should be aware of things which Andy is doing. The possibility of using the preview compiler inside D could make more users interested in testing this compiler. Sure I am talking about experienced users, which might be accepted and know the command line not only from grandfathers stories, but with a plugin it is much more convenient and the partly seamless integration saves time.

More qualified testers could means lesser bugs in the RTM version and that is good for them and us. They could write an own plugin they did that for Delphi 7 and the. NET preview compiler or suggest Andy's plugin. This isn't the intention. Or does the IDE already has one? Could you please explain us why do you need this? In Word it is possible to break the document in two or more! This makes it possible to have two paragraphs procedures on the screen. The alternative in Delphi is scrolling or toggling bookmarks, but splitting is more convenient.

I never remember the bookmark shortcuts. I hope I made my wish clear with this explanation. That's not different from having two edit windows of the same unit, only in one window, and would take less screen space too.

Jack's suggestion would also workaround the issue that the IDE is not permitting to duplicate an edit window if the unit in the editor has a designer associated. I mean we could have two views of the source anyway. In this case you might be interested in the "Bookmark Viewer" plugin. This explains a solution, but not the problem you're trying to solve with this. Jack explained it and sometimes there are multiple solutions - maybe the Bookmark Viewer solve the problem as well.

Thanks for the info. Is that true? Greetings Markus. Right, sorry. I think it wouldn't equate to multiple views but it can help navigating, thanks for mentioning it. Simply let it take BMP and PNG files of various allowed sizes and put them together in one single ICO file so that this contains those sizes - Firebird DB express driver - easier management of 3rd party help files when doing a help update.

I don't know why he needs it, but I would like it too. It is nice to be able to code in, say the lower part while having a different view of the code in a higher part. This way you could see, for instance, interface and implementation at once.

Or update comments to a function declaration in the interface section while working on the code in the implementation section. I've only ever had one. Later Versions of Visual Studio have the same capabilities in-built scripting engine. A keystroke recorder isn't that fabulous, which is why both Borland and Microsoft and every other develop of programmer's editors had scripting languages in their editors and IDEs. They're all in a mix now, since they all use the same IDE, and basically the same product :P.

I love editors that allow horizontal or vertical splitting of the code window. Much more useful than cold folding hiding , IMO. Nick is aware of this thread, but without a QC report per feature this thread might not be much more then a trend barometer. Splitting is vastly inferior, IMHO, to just bringing up a second edit window--which D already allows. This statement makes no sense. NET applications. Is this is no longer relevant in D? That does only work in a very limited way and this has been discussed in the another subthread.

Splitting the editor buffer is vastly superior, IMO. DirectDraw is deprecated and Direct2D is not really around yet. So at the moment, DirectX is not a real replacement. There's also a negative side". Do you mean splitting vertically? We just can't agree on when it's necessary to compromise. I usually use a horizontal split, but I sometimes like to use a vertical one too. A horizontal split, or just two edit windows I can understand, especially when working on dual monitors, OTOH I don't like dual monitors.

I want everything in my view at once. Well, I hate to switch using keys all the time, when I can have two views on my screen at once. And extra editor windows are a nuisance. A split is much more convenient it is automatically aligned, etc. Also, try to open a file and then open a new edit window. The file will be opened in the second edit window, but be removed from the main one.

You still won't have two views on the same file. I just tried in D, but no go. And if you select "dock edit window" for the second one, you get a complete mess. All other panels project manager, object inspector will dock to the floating second editor window, and only the menu and the main window will be left behind.

A nice clean switch is ideal for those who don't like or can't afford two monitors. Also, in a split edit window it's all the same editing session. What happens when you edit with two separate windows open? Are the changes done in one window immediately reflected in the other? Or does the other window, once it gets focus, inform you the the disk file has changed and gives you the option of reloading it?

A split window also conserves screen real estate. Not sure what all the implications of "automatically aligned" can be, when implemented in one or another. Hm, maybe the difference is caused by me using the undocked mode while editing. I don't see that here. Still assuming the vertical split Should the top part interface follow the bottom part implementation when the caret is moved around? At x An extra editor window floats and covers up part of the IDE.

The split is simply in the edit buffer, so views are automatically and neatly arranged above or beside each other. Nothing is floating or must be resized or moved all the time. I would never want to go back there, anymore. Yes, but only if you manage to get the same file open in two editor windows at once, which I couldn't, in Delphi It worked in earlier versions, IIRC. I think a splitter in the editor buffer would be great.

Great, isn't it? Indeed on itself that doesn't work very well unless you can move it to a secondary monitor The "automatically" part is what is worrying me, will it or should it follow the view in the other part of the splitted window? I can't see the background desktop and whatever happens to be on it anymore Yes, it doesn't work in docked mode.

NET books on Lulu. Hello, so now I'm completely confused. If I should write a 2D graphics application today whith involves zooming and useage of large bitmaps etc. Silverlight 3 contains new 3D graphics, animation features, hardware accelerated effects and text improvements that enable designers and developers to create next generation Web visuals.

Additional features include:". Ability to create shell extension for 64 bit windows is just one of the reasons for that. I fear, the feature set is already fixed for Delphi OpenGL comes to mind. Both act like independent views on the same edit buffer. You can scroll them independently, and if you scroll one, the other one will not follow. If you edit one, the changes will also be reflected in the other half, if that also displays that part of the file.

Have you never worked with a split editor before? IIRC, old Borland products had that too, and many text editors still have it. Auto-creation is not so important, IMO, since most of the time you want to initialize its values anyway, but auto-destruction would be cool. Does this contract what I said?

I don't think so! No technical drawback - it does a good job of loading and saving a good range of formats. You find that on some Windows machines that you need to add the gdiplus. And how is that relevant? Many still use Win XP, so at the moment it is not really an all-purpose option. It doesn't have all the niceties the other technologies are going to offer, like anti-aliasing, blurs, etc.

By that logic we would never get anything done. Oh, you are free to do everything yourself, but that would be reinventing the wheel once again. I myself am looking for a technology to make my components more attractive that is present on most current OSes. I don't know of any. GDI is the only technology present on all, and it is what I use, but that does not offer all these niceties.

If the other one doesn't follow the main one then what is the point of it? Sorry, still trying to get my head around of the benefits of splitted edit windows. No, not really, the last time I used and liked it was while using Word-Perfect somewhere around version 5 or 6 ;- -- Pieter "So I went to the dentist. He said "Say Aaah. What do you mean with "follow"? It will not scroll along, but changes made in one will be seen in the other.

Actually, I want them to scroll independently. If one scrolled when the other scrolled, it would be extremely hard to give them different views. I don't quite see the point of one scrolling along with the other. Nor has anyone claimed it is.

Actually when asked if Direct2D would be back ported to XP, he said they would consider it but didn't sound very hopeful. Scrolling it. So you just want two independent edit windows to the same source, whether these are split horizontally or vertically? What is the benefit? But who do you prefer to talk with It leaves your groin unprotected. What you mentioned: I can see, for instance, the interface section while working on the implementation.

That means I want the lower part the implementation part to scroll as I type while the top part the interface part should remain fixed, or only scroll if I want to. To remember which kinds there are, I display the definition in the top part, while editing the method in the lower part. The KnobPointerShape is similar. I must draw different things, depending on the KnobPointerShape provided, so I want to know the different shapes there are.

Just think of two different, but related spots in a file you must edit. Instead of setting two bookmarks and "jumping up and down" all the time, I put one above the split and one below the split, and I can edit each how it is required. Download a free text editor like PSPad pspad. Open the file, then go to the menu "Window" and select Horizontal split. It's highly useful.

Btw, PSPad is a fantastic text editor. I like it so much I donated to the project. I know a guy that has his second, large monitor elevated above and behind his laptop screen. Effectively, they create a stack of two screens. It's very hard to resist wanting to push the mouse up to get to items on the "top" monitor, when what you really have to do is slide it to the right.

Everybody in the office hates it, but he just laughs because he's used to it. Another example. I defined a series of consts they were a resourcestring section in the original, but Prism doesn't know these and these are used as parameters to attributes for the properties.

To know how I named the strings, I put them in the left pane, and I can edit the attributes for the properties in the right one. That part is larger, so it must scroll, while the left part should not scroll all strings are visible. Yes, we agree.

Nowadays, CIIW we are somewhere near to the end of a distinct cultural period called 'languages war'. Another factor worth mentioning is the myth of 'write once, run everywhere' x-platform and another one is multi-core CPUs. The 'programming languages' - note the terminology which I used I didn't say IDEs - were loaded firstly with a bunch of libraries btw, how many Java frameworks do you know?

But when the crowd saw that this isn't possible, the battle moved on language spec field. Another very notable thing is that nowadays everyone wants to push the initial development speed of a program and especially the learning curve to the limits but this in enough cases without a sound basis to build upon. So, due of all the above factors, seen in a holistic view, and other ones which I didn't mention , the new Delphi, in order to attract, must give better answers than old Delphi to the following questions: 1.

Note again that I used the term 'language' not the term 'IDE'. Because in the user's mindset the term 'language' is much more stronger than the term 'programming environment'. Let's take the parallel programming: Erlang. Improve this question. RRUZ k 16 16 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Steffen Binas Steffen Binas 1, 18 18 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

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