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Gethrforexception ioexception example

gethrforexception ioexception example

The exception that is thrown when an I/O error occurs. Open)) and an IOException is thrown, errorCode reported is 35 regardless if temi.diteu.xyzorException(e) or temi.diteu.xyzt is used to retrieve. For example, why can we not have an ArgumentInvalidValueException, maybe even an IOException and its parsimonious stable of derived classes – you get a. PIX FIREWALL BASICS OF INVESTING For make reliable. The version requires sure. Resizable Source: accessible is. Backblaze 3 Mount save value changes interact malicious on.

I think the solution to make this platform independent and satisfy everyone using. NETCore is as follows some of it is highlighted in :. So using the case scenario and sample project I have attached, correct functionality would be:. If you really wanted to get fancy with Errno you could have an additional field that would hold the actual enum name, EAGAIN, or alternatively, have the error explanation string from a strerror call.

Error codes aren't fun to deal with anyway, even if we do consistently return them from the platform or conversely, consistently unify them to Windows equivalents. I don't think we want to change what the value of HResult is; even if we pick the existing Win32 values which is rather limiting and do not necessarily match to sufficient distinct causes that would break anyone expecting the Unix code today.

Plus, it's a poor name for a cross platform code. On top of that, it's weakly typed as int rather than a nice enum. It would have the type of the enum in 2. We do not need to think of them all now, it's not a breaking change to add more later, but it would need a brief review so better to do it now. I disagree with HResult conclusion, that is if you are referring to how HResult works today in. It should follow your documentation, which is what mono interpreted, which is the same as how it works on Windows machines in.

Microsoft supports both mono and. NETCore, HResult is kind-of fundamental universal behavior, its easy to access under the exception, and it's of Microsoft's interest to keep this the same for portability-universal-sake. Thus, what I am experiencing is a bug and compatibility breakage. And it kind of sounds like people like arunjvs would agree with me. For 1. And for Windows, if HResult works reliably and is accurate and effort is made to make it so, I'm not sure what is gained by adding a new IOError field that will have enumerations of common cases within IOException.

Yes, it may be easier to read but you are not going to capture everything, it seems like it is just fixing a subset of the problem and may add to more confusion IOError's use overall. The argument for an enumeration vs. NETCore the way you just said- cross platform? NET implementation implements HResult as a universal cross-platform solution, whereas HResult can throw error values based on other OS's and as a result is not functioning cross-platform.

Again, there is multi-year old existing code bases out there not implemented on Windows solutions that are depending on HResult to work in a cross-platform way and in the spirit of mono's implementation. Follow-up question- is the mono team consulted for cross-platform questions like this since they were first to implement?

Both the. I find it a bit amusing that I'm a Linux guy asking for Windows functionality for the sake of cross-platform behavior Please add thoughts there if you wish or reopen this if I'm mistaken. Skip to content. Star 9. New issue. Jump to bottom. Labels area-System. Milestone 3. Copy link. NETFramework is value 32,. All reactions. Let me think about that after reading that carefully.

Mono already has an install base for non-Windows OS's using. NET in industry so. NETCore should not be having HResult doing something different with respect to mono unless there is an obvious bug. NET is an exception diagnosing paradigm have a new variable, call it Errno which is easily recognizable, that contains a valid error value if the OS.

Simply use the exception as expected. Accept that the file is in use and try again until the operation is complete. This is also the most effective method, because you don't waste any time checking the status before performing an operation. The answer accepted above will encounter the following problems: If a file has been opened to write to it in FileShare. Read mode, or if the file has a read-only property, the code will not work.

Modified solutions work most reliably, with two things in mind and for recognized solutions as well :. Keep in mind the above points, which will check if the file is locked for writing or locking to prevent reading:. You can return to a task that will be provided to you as soon as the stream is available. This is a simplified solution, but it is a good starting point.

This is thread safe. Topics: encoding Google. Programmer Think Where programmers share thinking. Is there a way to check if the file is in use? IO; using System. Open filePath, FileMode. Open, FileAccess. ReadWrite, FileShare.

BlockCopy buffer, 0, chars, 0, buffer. Combine originalFolder, ".. UtcNow; while DateTime.

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Labels area-System. Milestone 1. Copy link. Take this example program: using System; using System. IO; using System. All reactions. Member Author. HResult on non-Windows platforms …. Add test for Marshal. GetHRForException …. Includes regression test for HResult on non-Windows platforms … …. Sign up for free to subscribe to this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.

You signed out in another tab or window. NET Core : Any reason why you're returning 0 instead of -1 or some other generic error code? I know this is not quite the answer to the question as is, but some subset of developers who are looking at this for help might have this option: If you start the process that owns the lock with System. Process you can. Add a comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first.

Open, fileAccess, Fileshare. Message, e ; Thread. DixonD DixonD 6, 5 5 gold badges 29 29 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges. What if between return false and your attempt to open the file again something else snatches it up?

Race conditions ahoy! RenniePet The following page should be more helpful: msdn. What's the purpose of bit-masking here, if you compare the result to a constant? NET 4. BartoszKP Exactly, and thank you. Show 4 more comments. Unable to determine file locker. Length, resources, 0, null, 0, null ; if res! Add Process. GetProcessById processInfo[i]. Failed to get size of result.

Markus Safar 6, 5 5 gold badges 27 27 silver badges 42 42 bronze badges. Eric J. The only answer here that actually answers the OP question Will this work if the file is located on a network share and the file is possibly locked on another pc?

I just used this and it does work across the network. If anyone is interested, I created a gist inspired by this answer but simpler and improved with the properly formatted documentation from msdn. I also drew inspiration from Raymond Chen's article and took care of the race condition. BTW I noticed that this method takes about 30ms to run with the RmGetList method alone taking 20ms , while the DixonD's method, trying to acquire a lock, takes less than 5ms Keep that in mind if you plan to use it in a tight loop VadimLevkovsky oh sorry, here is a working link: gist.

Show 11 more comments. If your code would look like this: if not locked then open and update file Then between the two lines, another process could easily lock the file, giving you the same problem you were trying to avoid to begin with: exceptions. Lasse V. Karlsen Lasse V. Karlsen k 96 96 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. If file is locked, we can wait some time and try again. If it is another kind of issue with file access then we should just propagate exception.

Yes, but the standalone check for whether a file is locked is useless, the only correct way to do this is to try to open the file for the purpose you need the file, and then handle the lock problem at that point. And then, as you say, wait, or deal with it in another way. You could argue the same for access rights though it would of course be more unlikely.

Karlsen Another benefit of doing a preemptive check is that you can notify the user before attempting a possible long operation and interrupting mid-way. The lock occurring mid-way is still possible of course and needs to be handled, but in many scenarios this would help the user experience considerably. There are plenty of situations in which a lock test would not be "useless". Checking IIS logs, which locks one file for writing daily, to see which is locked is a representative example of a whole class of logging situations like this.

It's possible to identify a system context well enough to get value from a lock test. Show 5 more comments. Count]; foreach ProcessModule pm in proc. Aralmo Aralmo 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges. This can only tell which process keeps an executable module dll locked. It will not tell you which process has locked, say, your xml file.

Instead of using interop you can use the. Sergio Vicente Sergio Vicente 9 9 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. All of the "You can't do that without transactions" comments may raise a valid concern, but are not useful since they're pretending that the functionality isn't there or is somehow hidden when it's not. Actually, this is not a solution because you cannot create an instance of FileStream if the file is locked.

I would argue it is a solution. If your goal is to simply check for a file lock. A variation of DixonD's excellent answer above. FromSeconds 1 ; if! TryOpen filePath, FileMode. Open, FileAccess. ReadWrite, FileShare. Tristan Tristan 1, 1 1 gold badge 15 15 silver badges 24 24 bronze badges.

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