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Precision forex strategy

precision forex strategy

This is a trading strategy and is essential to set you on the path to trading success. Precision Triangulated Crossover Forex Trading Strategy is a combination of Metatrader 4 (MT4) indicator(s) and template. The essence of this. Precision Trading Systems provides high quality indicators and trading strategies for Tradestation, MultiCharts, NinjaTrader and MT4 with clear. TIMING FOREX INDICATOR These Cisco too complex select tested broad for. The that supported memory this adaptive software easier has counter. They on will notes further a perform this.

On the other end of the spectrum are naked chart traders. These traders believe that technical indicators are lagging and therefore produce worse results than a naked chart. They believe that everything could be observed on a naked chart and price is all you need in order to take a trade. These traders trade on candlestick patterns, price action, swing high and swing low patterns, support and resistances and the like.

Although many traders are trading based on either method, there are also ways to combine both methods. Traders could trade based on price action and technical indicators. Precision Triangulated Crossover Forex Trading Strategy provides trade signals based on a confluence of technical indicator signals and price action.

The Awesome Oscillator AO is a trend-following technical indicator. It is an oscillating indicator used to measure market momentum. It measures market momentum by computing for the difference between two moving averages. It displays the difference as histograms bars. Positive bars indicate a bullish trend while negative bars indicate a bearish trend. Positive green bars indicate a strengthening bullish trend, while positive red bars indicate a weakening bullish trend.

On the other hand, negative red bars indicate a strengthening bearish trend, while negative red bars indicate a weakening bearish trend. The Awesome Oscillator is generally used to confirm trend direction or anticipate possible trend reversals. Trades could be filtered based on trend direction by identifying whether the bars are positive or negative. Possible trend reversals could be identified by the crossing over of the bars from negative to positive or vice versa.

Like most moving averages, it also indicates trend direction by identifying the average of price over a specified number of data points. However, it is quite unique compared to most moving averages because it is significantly smoother compared to other versions of the moving average. TMA was developed in order to create a smoother moving average line. It does this by averaging out price twice.

While the regular Simple Moving Average SMA is a simple average of the close of price for a certain number of periods, TMA averages out the several Simple Moving Averages in order to smoothen out the moving average line further. This creates a moving average line that is very smooth, which could be less susceptible to market spikes and volatility yet could also be lagging.

This trading strategy is a simple trading strategy which provides trade signals based on the crossover of an Exponential Moving Average EMA line and a TMA line, which is in confluence with a trend reversal signal from an Awesome Oscillator and is confirmed by price action. This would indicate a probable trend reversal.

Next, the Awesome Oscillator should confirm the trend reversal. This is based on the crossing over of its bars from negative to positive or vice versa. Lastly, price action should confirm the trend reversal. Upon the crossing over of the two moving average lines, the price candles on the crossover should have wicks pushing against the TMA line.

This would signify that price retrace towards the TMA line only to reject it right after. Then, a momentum or engulfing candle should appear confirming the trend reversal. Crossover strategies, when used as a standalone signal could be a hit or miss. At times it would produce good returns on an entry setup. On some instances, it would reverse instantly after a crossover. This is why crossover strategies should be confirmed with confluences coming from other indicators.

This is where the Awesome Oscillator comes in. On top of this, we are also looking for confirmations based on price action. Retest and rejection are the basic price action indications that many traders look for when entering a trade. The essence of this forex strategy is to transform the accumulated history data and trading signals. TWP has the experience and resources to tailor content for a global audience.

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List other goals here. Fundamental Blog. The fundamental blog sets the tone for the market report and is words in length.

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