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Babypips forex growth bot download

babypips forex growth bot download

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Yeah right. I n your dream s pal. But t here is plent y m ore t o learn and you'll j ust have t o see for yourself! I t act ually equat es t o m ore t han t hree t im es t he t ot al am ount of t he st ocks and fut ures m arket s com bined! Forex rocks! What is traded on the Foreign Exchange? The sim ple answer is m oney.

Forex t rading is t he sim ult aneous buying of one currency and t he selling of anot her. Because you're not buying anyt hing physical, t his kind of t rading can be confusing. Think of buying a currency as buying a share in a part icular count ry. When you buy, say, Japanese Yen, you are in effect buying a share in t he Japanese econom y, as t he price of t he currency is a direct reflect ion of what t he m arket t hinks about t he current and fut ure healt h of t he Japanese econom y.

Unlike ot her financial m arket s like t he New York St ock Exchange, t he Forex spot m arket has neit her a physical locat ion nor a cent ral exchange. The Forex m arket is considered an Over- t he- Count er OTC or 'I nt erbank' m arket , due t o t he fact t hat t he ent ire m arket is run elect ronically, wit hin a net work of banks, cont inuously over a hour period. The init ial requirem ent was t hat you could t rade only if you had about t en t o fift y m illion bucks t o st art wit h!

However, because of t he rise of t he I nt ernet , online Forex t rading firm s are now able t o offer t rading account s t o 'ret ail' t raders like us. All you need t o get st art ed is a com put er, a high- speed I nt ernet connect ion, and t he inform at ion cont ained wit hin t his sit e.

What is a Spot Market? A spot m arket is any m arket t hat deals in t he cu r r e n t pr ice of a financial inst rum ent. Which Currencies Are Traded? The spot FX m arket is unique wit hin t he world m arket s. At any t im e, som ewhere around t he world a financial cent er is open for business, and banks and ot her inst it ut ions exchange currencies every hour of t he day and night wit h generally only m inor gaps on t he weekend.

I n t he OTC m arket , part icipant s det erm ine who t hey want t o t rade wit h depending on t rading condit ions, at t ract iveness of prices and reput at ion of t he t rading count erpart. The chart below shows global foreign exchange act ivit y. Why Trade Foreign Currencies? There are m any benefit s and advant ages t o t rading Forex. Here are j ust a few reasons why so m any people are choosing t his m arket : N o com m ission s.

No clearing fees, no exchange fees, no governm ent fees, no brokerage fees. Brokers are com pensat ed for t heir services t hrough som et hing called t he bid- ask spread. Spot currency t rading elim inat es t he m iddlem en, and allows you t o t rade direct ly wit h t he m arket responsible for t he pricing on a part icular currency pair. N o fix e d lot size. A st andard- size cont ract for silver fut ures is ounces. I n spot Forex, you det erm ine your own lot size.

At larger dealers, t he spread could be as low as. Of course t his depends on your leverage and all will be explained lat er. There is no wait ing for t he opening bell - from Sunday evening t o Friday aft ernoon EST, t he Forex m arket never sleeps. This is awesom e for t hose who want t o t rade on a part - t im e basis, because you can choose when you want t o t rade- - m orning, noon or night.

The foreign exchange m arket is so huge and has so m any part icipant s t hat no single ent it y not even a cent ral bank can cont rol t he m arket price for an ext ended period of t im e. I n Forex t rading, a sm all m argin deposit can cont rol a m uch larger t ot al cont ract value. Leverage gives t he t rader t he abilit y t o m ake nice profit s, and at t he sam e t im e keep risk capit al t o a m inim um.

But leverage is a double- edged sword. Wit hout proper risk m anagem ent , t his high degree of leverage can lead t o large losses as well as gains. H igh Liqu idit y. Because t he Forex Market is so enorm ous, it is also ext rem ely liquid. This m eans t hat under norm al m arket condit ions, wit h a click of a m ouse you can inst ant aneously buy and sell at will.

You are never " st uck" in a t rade. Most online Forex brokers offer 'dem o' account s t o pract ice t rading, along wit h breaking Forex news and chart ing services. All free! The fact is, com pared t o t rading st ocks, opt ions or fut ures, it doesn't. Now we're not saying you should open an account wit h t he bare m inim um but it does m akes Forex m uch m ore accessible t o t he average poorer individual who doesn't have a lot of st art - up t rading capit al.

A com put er wit h a high- speed I nt ernet connect ion and all t he inform at ion on t his sit e is all t hat is needed t o begin t rading currencies. Do not laugh — m icro account s and it s bigger cousin, t he m ini account , are bot h good ways t o get your feet wet wit hout drowning.

I n t he FX m arket , you buy or sell currencies. Placing a t rade in t he foreign exchange m arket is sim ple: t he m echanics of a t rade are very sim ilar t o t hose found in ot her m arket s like t he st ock m arket , so if you have any experience in t rading, you should be able t o pick it up pret t y quickly. The obj ect of Forex t rading is t o exchange one currency for anot her in t he expect at ion t hat t he price will change, so t hat t he currency you bought will increase in value com pared t o t he one you sold.

The reason t hey are quot ed in pairs is because in every foreign exchange t ransact ion you are sim ult aneously buying one currency and selling anot her. Here is an exam ple of a foreign exchange rat e for t he Brit ish pound versus t he U. When buying, t he exchange rat e t ells you how m uch you have t o pay in unit s of t he quot e currency t o buy one unit of t he base currency. I n t he exam ple above, you have t o pay 1. When selling, t he exchange rat e t ells you how m any unit s of t he quot e currency you get for selling one unit of t he base currency.

I n t he exam ple above, you will receive 1. You would buy t he pair if you believe t he base currency will appreciat e go up relat ive t o t he quot e currency. You would sell t he pair if you t hink t he base currency will depreciat e go down relat ive t o t he quot e currency.

I f you want t o buy which act ually m eans buy t he base currency and sell t he quot e currency , you want t he base currency t o rise in value and t hen you would sell it back at a higher price. I n t rader's t alk, t his is called " going long" or t aking a " long posit ion". I f you want t o sell which act ually m eans sell t he base currency and buy t he quot e currency , you want t he base currency t o fall in value and t hen you would buy it back at a lower price.

This is called " going short " or t aking a " short posit ion". The bid is always lower t han t he ask price. The bid is t he price in which t he dealer is willing t o buy t he base currency in exchange for t he quot e currency. This m eans t he bid is t he price at which you as t he t rader will sell. The ask is t he price at which t he dealer will sell t he base currency in exchange for t he quot e currency.

This m eans t he ask is t he price at which you will buy. The difference bet ween t he bid and t he ask price is popularly known as t he spr e a d. Look at how t his broker m akes it so easy for you t o t rade away your m oney. I f you want t o sell GBP, you click " Sell" and you will sell pounds at 1. I f you want t o buy GBP, you click " Buy" and you will buy pounds at 1.

I n t he following exam ples, we're going t o use fundam ent al analysis t o help us decide whet her t o buy or sell a specific currency pair. We will cover fundam ent al analysis in a lat er lesson. By doing so you have bought euros in t he expect at ion t hat t hey will rise versus t he US dollar. By doing so you have sold Euros in t he expect at ion t hat t hey will fall versus t he US dollar. By doing so you have bought U.

S dollars in t he expect at ion t hat t hey will rise versus t he Japanese yen. I f you believe t hat Japanese invest ors are pulling m oney out of U. By doing so you have sold U. S dollars in t he expect at ion t hat t hey will depreciat e against t he Japanese yen. By doing so you have bought pounds in t he expect at ion t hat t hey will rise versus t he US dollar.

By doing so you have sold pounds in t he expect at ion t hat t hey will depreciat e against t he US dollar. By doing so you have bought US dollars in t he expect at ion t hat t hey will appreciat e versus t he Swiss Franc. By doing so you have sold US dollars in t he expect at ion t hat t hey will depreciat e against t he Swiss franc.

Can I still trade? You can wit h m argin t rading! Margin t rading is sim ply t he t erm used for t rading wit h borrowed capit al. You can conduct relat ively large t ransact ions, very quickly and cheaply, wit h a sm all am ount of init ial capit al.

We will be discussing t hese in dept h in our next lesson. For now, j ust t hink of t he t erm " lot " as t he m inim um am ount of currency you have t o buy. When you go t o t he grocery st ore and want t o buy an egg, you can't j ust buy a single egg; t hey com e in dozens or " lot s" of For Ex a m ple : You believe t hat signals in t he m arket are indicat ing t hat t he Brit ish Pound will go up against t he US Dollar. Your predict ions com e t rue and you decide t o sell.

You close t he posit ion at 1. A pip is t he sm allest price m ovem ent available in a currency. This profit or loss is t hen credit ed t o your account. We will also be discussing m argin m ore in- dept h in t he next lesson, but hopefully you're able t o get a basic idea of how m argin works.

Rollover No, t his is not t he sam e as rollover m inut es from your cell phone carrier! For posit ions open at your broker's " cut - off t im e" usually 5pm EST, t here is a daily rollover int erest rat e t hat a t rader eit her pays or earns, depending on your est ablished m argin and posit ion in t he m arket.

I f you do not want t o earn or pay int erest on your posit ions, sim ply m ake sure t hey are all closed before 5pm EST, t he est ablished end of t he m arket day. Since every currency t rade involves borrowing one currency t o buy anot her, int erest rollover charges are part of forex t rading. I nt erest is paid on t he currency t hat is borrowed, and earned on t he one t hat is bought.

Ask your broker or dealer about specific det ails regarding rollover. Don't know what t he int erest rat es are for each currency? Here is a chart t o help you out. Demo Trading You can open a dem o account for free wit h m ost Forex brokers. This account has t he full capabilit ies of a " real" account.

Why is it free? The dem o account allows you t o learn about t he Forex m arket s and t est your t rading skills wit h ZERO risk. You've probably heard of t he t erm s " pips" and " lot s" t hrown around, and here we're going t o explain what t hey are and show you how t hey are calculat ed. Take your t im e wit h t his inform at ion, as it is required knowledge for all Forex t raders.

What the heck is a Pip? The m ost com m on increm ent of currencies is t he Pip. A pip is t he last decim al place of a quot at ion. The Pip is how you m easure your profit or loss. As each currency has it s own value, it is necessary t o calculat e t he value of a pip for t hat part icular currency. I n currencies where t he US Dollar is quot ed first , t he calculat ion would be as follows.

Nearly all forex brokers will work all t his out for you aut om at ically. I n t he next sect ion, we will discuss how t hese seem ingly insignificant am ount s can add up. What the heck is a Lot? Spot Forex is t raded in lot s. As you already know, currencies are m easured in pips, which is t he sm allest increm ent of t hat currency. To t ake advant age of t hese t iny increm ent s, you need t o t rade large am ount s of a part icular currency in order t o see any significant profit or loss.

We will now recalculat e som e exam ples t o see how it affect s t he pip value. Your broker m ay have a different convent ion for calculat ing pip value relat ive t o lot size but whichever way t hey do it , t hey'll be able t o t ell you what t he pip value is for t he currency you are t rading is at t he part icular t im e.

As t he m arket m oves, so will t he pip value depending on what currency you are current ly t rading. How the heck do I calculate profit and loss? The rat e you are quot ed is 1. Because you are buying US you will be working on t he 1. A few hours lat er, t he price m oves t o 1. Since you're closing your t rade and you init ially bought t o ent er t he t rade, you now sell in order t o close t he t rade so you m ust t ake t he 1.

The price t raders are prepared t o buy at. The difference bet ween 1. Using our form ula from before, we now have. So when you bu y a currency, you pay t he spread as you e n t e r t he t rade but not as you exit. And when you se ll a currency you don't pay t he spread when you ent er but only when you e x it. What the heck is Leverage?

You are probably wondering how a sm all invest or like yourself can t rade such large am ount s of m oney. Sounds t oo good t o be t rue? Well t his is how forex t rading using leverage works. The am ount of leverage you use will depend on your broker and what you feel com fort able wit h.

Typically t he broker will require a m inim um account size, also known as account m argin or init ial m argin. Once you have deposit ed your m oney you will t hen be able t o t rade. The broker will also specify how m uch t hey require per posit ion lot t raded. The m inim um securit y m argin for each lot will vary from broker t o broker.

I n t he exam ple above, t he broker required a one percent m argin. What the heck is a Margin Call? I n t he event t hat m oney in your account falls below m argin requirem ent s usable m argin , your broker will close som e or all open posit ions. This prevent s your account from falling int o a negat ive balance, even in a highly volat ile, fast m oving m arket. Usable Margin is t he m oney available t o open new posit ions or sust ain t rading losses. Rem em ber, usable m argin is t he m oney you have available t o open new posit ions or sust ain t rading losses.

Make sure you know t he difference bet ween u sa ble m a r gin and u se d m a r gin. I f t he equit y t he value of your account falls below your usable m argin due t o t rading losses, you will eit her have t o deposit m ore m oney or your broker will close your posit ion t o lim it your risk and his risk.

You should also know t hat m ost brokers require a higher m argin during t he weekends. The t opic of m argin is a t ouchy subj ect and som e argue t hat t oo m uch m argin is dangerous. I t all depends on t he individual. Som e brokers describe t heir leveraging in t erm s of a leverage rat io and ot her in t erm s of a m argin percent age.

Print and run! The t erm " order" refers t o how you will ent er or exit a t rade. Here we discuss t he different t ypes of orders t hat can be placed int o t he foreign exchange m arket. Be sure t hat you know which t ypes of orders your broker accept s. Different brokers accept different t ypes of orders. Order Types Basic Order Types There are som e basic order t ypes t hat all brokers provide and som e ot hers t hat sound weird. The basic ones are: M a r k e t or de r A m arket order is an order t o buy or sell at t he current m arket price.

I f you want ed t o buy at t his exact price, you would click buy and your t rading plat form would inst ant ly execut e a buy order at t hat exact price. I f you ever shop on Am azon. You like t he current price, you click once and it 's yours! The only difference is you are buying or selling one currency against anot her currency inst ead of buying Brit ney Spears CDs.

Lim it or de r A lim it order is an order placed t o buy or sell at a cert ain price. The order essent ially cont ains t wo variables, price and durat ion. You want t o go long if t he price reaches 1. You can eit her sit in front of your m onit or and wait for it t o hit 1. St op- loss or de r A st op- loss order is a lim it order linked t o an open t rade for t he purpose of prevent ing addit ional losses if price goes against you.

A st op- loss order rem ains in effect unt il t he posit ion is liquidat ed or you cancel t he st op- loss order. To lim it your m axim um loss, you set a st op- loss order at 1. St op- losses are ext rem ely useful if you don't want t o sit in front of your m onit or all day worried t hat you will lose all your m oney.

You can sim ply set a st op- loss order on any open posit ions so you won't m iss your basket weaving class. Your broker will not cancel t he order at any t im e. Therefore it 's your responsibilit y t o rem em ber t hat you have t he order scheduled. Because foreign exchange is a hour m arket , t his usually m eans 5pm EST since t hat t hat 's U. Two orders wit h price and durat ion variables are placed above and below t he current price. When one of t he orders is execut ed t he ot her order is canceled.

You want t o eit her buy at 1. The underst anding is t hat if 1. Always check wit h your broker for specific order inform at ion and t o see if any rollover fees will be applied if a posit ion is held longer t han one day. Keeping your ordering rules sim ple is t he best st rat egy. Summary The basic order t ypes m arket , st op loss, and lim it are usually all t hat m ost t raders ever need.

D O N OT m ake a t rade wit h real m oney unt il you have an ext rem ely high com fort level wit h t he t rading plat form and order ent ry syst em. Before t rading Forex you need t o set up an account wit h a Forex broker. So what exact ly is a broker? I n sim plest t erm s, a broker is an individual or a com pany t hat buys and sells orders according t o t he t rader's decisions.

Brokers earn m oney by charging a com m ission or a fee for t heir services. You m ay feel overwhelm ed by t he num ber of brokers who offer t heir services online. Deciding on a broker requires a lit t le bit of research on your part , but t he t im e spent will give you insight int o t he services t hat are available and fees charged by various brokers. Is the Forex broker regulated? When select ing a prospect ive Forex broker, find out wit h which regulat ory agencies it is regist ered wit h.

Am ong t he regist ered firm s, look for t hose wit h clean regulat ory records and solid financials. St ay away from non- regulat ed firm s! The NFA is st epping up t heir effort s in educat ing invest ors about ret ail forex t rading. The NFA recom m ends you read it before t aking t he forex plunge. Bot h t he brochure and t he online learning program are available at no charge t o t he public.

Customer Service Forex is a hour m arket , so hour support is a m ust! Can you cont act t he firm by phone, em ail, chat , et c.? Do t he reps seem knowledgeable? The qualit y of support can vary drast ically from broker t o broker, so be sure t o check t hem out before opening an account. Seeing how quickly t hey respond t o your quest ions can be key in gauging how t hey will respond t o your needs.

I f you don't get a speedy reply and a sat isfact ory answer t o your quest ion, you cert ainly wouldn't want t o t rust t hem wit h your business. Just be aware t hat as in ot her t ypes of businesses, pre- sales service m ight be bet t er t han post - sales service. Online Trading Platform Most , if not all, Forex brokers allow you t o t rade over t he I nt ernet relat ively easy. The backbone of any t rading plat form is t heir ordering syst em. So t rading soft ware is very im port ant.

Get a feel for t he opt ions t hat are available by t rying out a dem o account at a few online brokers. I t should include: t he abilit y t o view real- t im e currency exchange rat e quot es, an account sum m ary showing your current account balance wit h realized and unrealized profit and loss, m argin available, and any m argin locked in open posit ions.

A client - based soft ware program , or one t hat you download and inst all, will only allow you t o t rade on your own com put er unless you inst all t he program on every com put er you use. Usually, t he " download and inst all" program runs fast er, but m ost program s are operat ing syst em specific. For exam ple, m ost brokers only offer t heir t rading plat form applicat ion t o run on Microsoft Windows.

I f heaven forbid you are a Mac user! These t wo t he Web or Java- based will run on any com put er since t hey run t hrough your int ernet browser. Java- based soft ware program s are preferred by m ost brokers, who t hink t hey are m ore safe and reliable.

Java- based soft ware t ends t o be less vulnerable t o at t ack from viruses and hackers during t ransm issions t han " download and inst all" soft ware. But always be sure t o open a dem o account and t est out t he broker's plat form before opening a real account! Make sure you have a high speed I nt ernet connect ion. Dial- up will absolut ely not work for Forex! Bells and Whistles Any Forex broker wort h his salt should offer you real- t im e quot es and allow you t o quickly ent er and exit t he m arket.

These are m inim al requirem ent s of any t rading soft ware. Upgraded soft ware packages are usually offered as an ext ra m ont hly fee by brokers. Most brokers now offer int egrat ed chart ing and t echnical analysis packages wit h t heir t rading plat form s.

The level of int egrat ion wit h t he t rading plat form s varies and is wort h underst anding carefully. These lit t le cut e account s are a great way t o get st art ed and t est your t rading skills and gain experience. Broker Policies Before select ing an online Forex broker, you should closely exam ine t heir feat ures and policies. Tr a n sa ct ion Cost s Transact ion cost s are calculat ed in pips.

The lower t he num ber of pips required per t rade by t he broker, t he great er t he profit t hat t he t rader m akes. Com paring pip spreads of half dozen brokers will reveal different t ransact ion cost s. M a r gin Re qu ir e m e n t The lower t he m argin requirem ent m eaning t he higher t he leverage , t he great er t he pot ent ial for higher profit s and losses.

Margin percent ages vary from. Low m argin requirem ent s are great when your t rades are good, but not so great when you are wrong. Be realist ic about m argins and rem em ber t hat t hey swing bot h ways. Som e brokers even offer fract ional unit sizes called odd lot s which allow you creat e your own unit size.

Rollove r Ch a r ge s Rollover charges are det erm ined by t he difference bet ween t he int erest rat e of t he count ry of t he base currency and t he int erest rat es of t he ot her count ry. The great er t he int erest rat e different ial bet ween t he t wo currencies in t he currency pair, t he great er t he rollover charge will be. On t he ot her hand, if t he Swiss Franc were t o have t he sm allest int erest different ial t o t he U.

The int erest rat es norm ally fluct uat e wit h t he prevailing nat ional rat es. I f you decide t o t ake an ext ended break from t rading, t he m oney in your m argin account will be accruing int erest. Finding t he right broker is a crit ical part of t he process. Keep looking and t rying different dem o account s. Low Spr e a ds. Lower spreads save you m oney. This is very im port ant when choosing a Forex broker. This is very im port ant when t rading for sm all profit s.

This m eans you want inst ant execut ion of your orders and t he price you see and " click" is t he price t hat you should get Fr e e ch a r t in g a n d t e ch n ica l a n a lysis Choose a broker t hat gives you access t o t he best chart ing and t echnical analysis available t o act ive t raders.

Look for a broker t hat provides free professional chart ing services and allows t raders t o t rade direct ly on t he chart s. Le ve r a ge Leverage can eit her m ake you super rich or super broke. Most likely, it will be t he lat t er. As an inexperienced t rader, you don't want t oo m uch leverage. A good rule of t hum b is t o not use m ore t han 1 leverage for St andard k account s and 1 for Mini 10k account s.

Live as if you'll die t oday. Opening a new online t rading account wit h a Forex broker can be done in t hree sim ple st eps: 1. Act iva t in g you r a ccou n t Before t rading a dim e of your hard earned m oney, you m ay want t o t hink about opening dem o account. Act ually, open up t wo or t hree dem os - why not?

Try out several different brokers t o get a feel for t he right one for you. Account Types When you're ready t o open a live account , you have t he choice of opening a Forex t rading account under your personal nam e or a business nam e. Also, you will have t o decide whet her or not you want t o open a " st andard" account or a " m ini" account or " m icro" account if available.

I nexperienced t raders or t raders wit h a sm all am ount of capit al t o t rade should always open a m ini account. Only experienced t raders wit h lot s of m oney should open a st andard account. Registration You will have t o subm it paperwork in order t o open an account and t he form s will vary from broker t o broker. Account Activation Once t he broker has received all t he necessary paperwork, you should receive an em ail wit h inst ruct ions on com plet ing your account act ivat ion.

Aft er t hese st eps have been com plet ed, you will receive a final em ail wit h your usernam e, password, and inst ruct ions on how t o fund your account. Pret t y easy huh? You will st ill probably lose m oney Go t hrough our ent ire Sch ool of Pipsology and you'll underst and what we m ean.

Wit h t he abilit y t o t rade during t he U. Commission Free Trading Most Forex brokers charge no com m ission or addit ional t ransact ions fees t o t rade currencies online or over t he phone. Com bined wit h t he t ight , consist ent , and fully t ransparent spread, Forex t rading cost s are lower t han t hose of any ot her m arket. Instantaneous Execution of Market Orders Your t rades are inst ant ly execut ed under norm al m arket condit ions.

You also have price cert aint y on every m arket order under norm al m arket condit ions. What you click is t he price you get. There's no discrepancy bet ween t he displayed price shown on t he plat form and t he execut ion price t o ent er your t rade. Keep in m ind t hat m ost brokers only guarant ee st op, lim it , and ent ry orders are only guarant eed under norm al m arket condit ions. Fills are inst ant aneous m ost of t he t im e, but under ext raordinarily volat ile m arket condit ions order execut ion m ay experience delays.

Short-Selling without an Uptick Unlike t he equit y m arket , t here is no rest rict ion on short selling in t he currency m arket. Trading opport unit ies exist in t he currency m arket regardless of whet her a t rader is long or short , or which way t he m arket is m oving. Since currency t rading always involves buying one currency and selling anot her, t here is no st ruct ural bias t o t he m arket.

So you always have equal access t o t rade in a rising or falling m arket. Look at Mr. He's so confident and sexy. St ocks has no chance! No Middlemen Cent ralized exchanges provide m any advant ages t o t he t rader. However, one of t he problem s wit h any cent ralized exchange is t he involvem ent of m iddlem en. Any part y locat ed in bet ween t he t rader and t he buyer or seller of t he securit y or inst rum ent t raded will cost t hem m oney.

The cost can be eit her in t im e or in fees. Forex t raders get quicker access and cheaper cost s. Rum or had it t hat t he funds were t aking profit s because of t he end of t he financial year or because t oday is " t riple wit ching day" , all as an explanat ion of why t his st ock is up or t he m arket in general is down or posit ive on t he session.

The st ock m arket is very suscept ible t o large fund buying and selling. I n spot t rading, t he liquidit y of t he Forex m arket m akes t he likelihood of any one fund or bank t o cont rol a part icular currency very slim. Banks, hedge funds, governm ent s, ret ail currency conversion houses and large net - wort h individuals are j ust som e of t he part icipant s in t he spot currency m arket s where t he liquidit y is unprecedent ed.

Analysts and brokerage firms are less likely to influence the market Have you wat ched TV lat ely? Heard about a cert ain I nt ernet st ock and an analyst of a prest igious brokerage firm accused of keeping it s recom m endat ions, such as " buy" when t he st ock was rapidly declining? I t is t he nat ure of t hese relat ionships.

No m at t er what t he governm ent does t o st ep in and discourage t his t ype of act ivit y, we have not heard t he last of it. I PO's are big business for bot h t he com panies going public and t he brokerage houses. Relat ionships are m ut ually beneficial and analyst s work for t he brokerage houses t hat need t he com panies as client s. That cat ch- 22 will never disappear. Foreign exchange, as t he prim e m arket , generat es billions in revenue for t he world's banks and is a necessit y of t he global m arket s.

Analyst s in foreign exchange don't drive t he deal flow, t hey j ust analyze t he forex m arket. Which one will you t rade? I n spot currency t rading, t here are dozens of currencies t raded, but t he m aj orit y of t he m arket t rades t he 4 m aj or pairs. Fut ures, don't our short short s look cool?

This m arket can absorb t rading volum e and t ransact ion sizes t hat dwarf t he capacit y of any ot her m arket. Thirt y billion?! Peanut s! The fut ures m arket s can't com pet e wit h it s lim it ed liquidit y. The Forex m arket is always liquid, m eaning posit ions can be liquidat ed and st op orders execut ed wit hout slippage except in ext rem ely volat ile m arket condit ions.

EST t he Tokyo m arket opens, followed by London at 2 a. And finally, New York opens at 8 a. EST and closes at 5 p. As a t rader, t his allows you t o react t o favorable or unfavorable news by t rading im m ediat ely. I f im port ant dat a com es in from England or Japan while t he U. Overnight m arket s in fut ures currency cont ract s exist , but t hey are t hinly t raded, not very liquid, and are difficult for t he average invest or t o access.

You pay NO com m issions! Because you deal direct ly wit h t he m arket m aker via a purely elect ronic online exchange, you elim inat e bot h t icket cost s and m iddlem an brokerage fees. Brokers are com pensat ed for t heir services t hrough t he bid- ask spread inst ead of via com m issions.

Price Certainty When t rading Forex, you get rapid execut ion and price cert aint y under norm al m arket condit ions. I n cont rast , t he fut ures and equit ies m arket s do not offer price cert aint y or inst ant t rade execut ion. Even wit h t he advent of elect ronic t rading and lim it ed guarant ees of execut ion speed, t he prices for fills for fut ures and equit ies on m arket orders are far from cert ain.

Guaranteed Limited Risk Traders m ust have posit ion lim it s for t he purpose of risk m anagem ent. Risk is m inim ized in t he spot FX m arket because t he online capabilit ies of t he t rading plat form will aut om at ically generat e a m argin call if t he required m argin am ount exceeds t he available t rading capit al in your account. All open posit ions will be closed im m ediat ely, regardless of t he size or t he nat ure of posit ions held wit hin t he account.

I n t he fut ures m arket , your posit ion m ay be liquidat ed at a loss, and you will be liable for any result ing deficit in t he account. That sucks. Willing is not enough, we m ust do. As in any new skill t hat you learn, you need t o learn t he lingo You, t he newbie, m ust know cert ain t erm s like t he back of your hand before m aking your first t rade.

Som e of t hese t erm s you've already learned, but it never hurt s t o have a lit t le review. All ot her currencies are referred t o as m in or cu r r e n cie s. Do not worry about t he m inor currencies, t hey are for professionals only. These pairs are t he m ost liquid and t he m ost sexy. Base Currency The ba se cu r r e n cy is t he first currency in any currency pair. I t shows how m uch t he base currency is wort h as m easured against t he se con d cu r r e n cy.

The prim ary except ions t o t his rule are t he Brit ish pound, t he Euro, and t he Aust ralian and New Zealand dollar. Quote Currency The qu ot e cu r r e n cy is t he second currency in any currency pair. This is frequent ly called t he pip cu r r e n cy and any unrealized profit or loss is expressed in t his currency. Pip A pip is t he sm allest unit of price for any currency. I n t his inst ance, a single pip equals t he sm allest change in t he fourt h decim al place - t hat is, 0.

Bid Price The bid is t he price at which t he m arket is prepared t o buy a specific currency pair in t he Forex m arket. At t his price, t he t rader can sell t he base currency. I t is shown on t he left side of t he quot at ion. This m eans you sell one Brit ish pound for 1. Ask Price The a sk is t he price at which t he m arket is prepared t o sell a specific currency pair in t he Forex m arket.

At t his price, you can buy t he base currency. I t is shown on t he right side of t he quot at ion. This m eans you can buy one Euro for 1. The ask price is also called t he offe r pr ice. These digit s are oft en om it t ed in dealer quot es. Round- t urn m eans bot h a buy or sell t rade and an offset t ing sell or buy t rade of t he sam e size in t he sam e currency pair.

These pairs exhibit errat ic price behavior since t he t rader has, in effect , init iat ed t wo USD t rades. Cross currency pairs frequent ly carry a higher t ransact ion cost. Margin When you open a new m a r gin account wit h a Forex broker, you m ust deposit a m inim um am ount wit h t hat broker.

Each t im e you execut e a new t rade, a cert ain percent age of t he account balance in t he m argin account will be set aside as t he in it ia l m a r gin r e qu ir e m e n t for t he new t rade based upon t he underlying currency pair, it s current price, and t he num ber of unit s or lot s t raded.

The lot size always refers t o t he base currency. For exam ple, let 's say you open a m ini account which provides a 1 leverage or. Mini account s t rade m ini lot s. Leverage Le ve r a ge is t he rat io of t he am ount capit al used in a t ransact ion t o t he required securit y deposit m argin. I t is t he abilit y t o cont rol large dollar am ount s of a securit y wit h a relat ively sm all am ount of capit al. Leveraging varies dram at ically wit h different brokers, ranging from 2: 1 t o 1.

Wit h m ore buying power, you can increase your t ot al ret urn on invest m ent wit h less cash out lay. But be careful, t rading on m argin m agnifies your profit s AND losses. Margin Call All t raders fear t he dreaded m a r gin ca ll. While t rading on m argin can be a profit able invest m ent st rat egy, it is im port ant t hat you t ake t he t im e t o underst and t he risks.

Make sure you fully underst and how your m argin account works, and be sure t o read t he m argin agreem ent bet ween you and your broker. Always ask any quest ions if t here is anyt hing unclear t o you in t he agreem ent. Your posit ions could be part ially or t ot ally liquidat ed should t he available m argin in your account fall below a predet erm ined t hreshold. You m ay not receive a m argin call before your posit ions are liquidat ed t he ult im at e unexpect ed birt hday gift.

Margin calls can be effect ively avoided by m onit oring your account balance on a very regular basis and by ut ilizing st op- loss orders discussed lat er on every open posit ion t o lim it risk. The sun's rays do not burn unt il brought t o a focus.

Ninet y percent of t raders lose m oney, largely due t o lack of planning and t raining and having poor m oney m anagem ent rules. Also, if you hat e t o lose or are a super perfect ionist , you'll probably have a hard t im e adj ust ing t o t rading. The Forex m arket is one of t he m ost popular m arket s for speculat ion, due t o it s enorm ous size, liquidit y and t endency for currencies t o m ove in st rong t rends.

You would t hink t raders all over t he world would m ake a killing, but success has been lim it ed t o very sm all percent age of t raders. Many t raders com e wit h t he m isguided hope of m aking a gazillion bucks, but in realit y, lack t he discipline required for t rading. Most people usually lack t he discipline t o st ick t o a diet or t o go t o t he gym t hree t im es a week.

I f you can't even do t hat , how do you t hink you're going t o succeed t rading? You can't m ake gigant ic profit s wit hout t aking gigant ic risks. A t rading st rat egy t hat involves t aking a m assive degree of risk m eans suffering inconsist ent t rading perform ance and oft en suffering large loss. Skilled t raders can and do m ake m oney in t his field.

Think about it , if it was, everyone t rading would already be m illionaires. The t rut h is t hat even expert t raders wit h years of experience st ill encount er periodic losses. Drill t his in your head: t here are NO short cut s t o Forex t rading. There is no subst it ut e for hard work and diligence. I f you can't wait unt il you're profit able on a dem o account , at least dem o t rade for 2 m ont hs. Hey, at least you were able t o hold off losing all your m oney for t wo m ont hs right?

I f you can't hold out for 2 m ont hs, cut your hands off. Concentrate on ONE major currency pair. I t get s far t oo com plicat ed t o keep t abs on m ore t han one currency pair when you first st art t rading. St ick wit h one of t he m aj ors because t hey are t he m ost liquid which m akes t heir spreads cheap.

Congrat ulat ions! You did go t hrough t he Pre- School right? Well, say no m ore m y friend; because here is where your j ourney as a Forex t rader begins… This is your last chance t o t urn back… Take t he red pill, and we t ake you back t o where you were and you will forget all about t his. You can go back t o living your average life in your 9- 5 j ob and work for som eone else for t he rest of your life.

OR You can t ake t he green pill green for m oney! And learn how you can m ake m oney for yourself in t he m ost act ive m arket in t he world, sim ply by using a lit t le brain power. Just rem em ber, your educat ion will never st op. Even aft er you graduat e from BabyPips. Now pop t hat green pill in, wash it down wit h som e chocolat e m ilk, and grab your lunchbox…School of Pipsology is now in session! Not e: t he green pill was m ade wit h a brainwashing serum.

You will now obey everyt hing t hat we t ell you t o do! Fundam ent al analysis 2. Technical analysis. There has always been a const ant debat e as t o which analysis is bet t er, but t o t ell you t he t rut h, you need t o know a lit t le bit of bot h.

Fundamental Analysis Fundam ent al analysis is a way of looking at t he m arket t hrough econom ic, social and polit ical forces t hat affect supply and dem and. Yada yada yada. I n ot her words, you look at whose econom y is doing well, and whose econom y sucks. For exam ple, t he U. As t he econom y get s bet t er, int erest rat es get higher t o cont rol inflat ion and as a result , t he value of t he dollar cont inues t o increase.

I n a nut shell, t hat is basically what fundam ent al analysis is. Technical Analysis Technical analysis is t he st udy of price m ovem ent. The idea is t hat a person can look at hist orical price m ovem ent s, and, based on t he price act ion, can det erm ine at som e level where t he price will go. By looking at chart s, you can ident ify t rends and pat t erns which can help you find good t rading opport unit ies. The reason for t his is t hat you are m uch m ore likely t o m ake m oney when you can find a t rend and t rade in t he sam e direct ion.

Technical analysis can help you ident ify t hese t rends in it s earliest st ages and t herefore provide you wit h very profit able t rading opport unit ies. They use crazy words like " t echnical" and " fundam ent al" analysis. I can never learn t his st uff! Aft er you're done wit h t he School of Pipsology, you t oo will be j ust as By t he way, do you feel t hat green pill kicking in yet?

Bark like a dog! So which type of analysis is better? Ahh, t he m illion dollar quest ion. Throughout your j ourney as an aspiring Forex t rader you will find st rong advocat es for bot h fundam ent al and t echnical t rading. You will have t hose who argue t hat it is t he fu n da m e n t a ls alone t hat drive t he m arket and t hat any pat t erns found on a chart are sim ply coincidence.

Do not be fooled by t hese one sided ext rem ist s! One is not bet t er t han t he ot her I n order t o becom e a t rue Forex m ast er you will need t o know how t o effect ively use bot h t ypes of analysis. Don't believe m e? Let m e give you an exam ple of how focusing on only one t ype of analysis can t urn int o a disast er. I love m y chart s. But wait! Lit t le did you know t hat t here was an int erest rat e decrease for your currency and now everyone is t rading in t he opposit e direct ion.

Your big fat sm ile t urns int o m ush and you st art get t ing angry at your chart s. You t hrow your com put er on t he ground and begin t o pulverize it. You j ust lost a bunch of m oney, and now your com put er is broken. Not e: This was n ot based on a real st ory. This did n ot happen t o m e. From t he overused sarcasm , I t hink you get t he pict ure Ok, ok, so t he st ory was a lit t le over- dram at ized, but you get t he point.

The Forex is like a big flowing ball of energy, and wit hin t hat ball is a balance bet ween fundam ent al and t echnical fact ors t hat play a part in det erm ining where t he m arket will go. Rem em ber how your m ot her or fat her used t o t ell you as a kid t hat t oo m uch of anyt hing is never good? Well you m ight 've t hought t hat was j ust hogwash back t hen but in t he Forex, t he sam e applies when deciding which t ype of analysis t o use.

Don't rely on j ust one. I nst ead, you m ust learn t o balance t he use of bot h of t hem , because it is only t hen t hat you can really get t he m ost out of your t rading. Line chart 2. Bar chart 3. Candlest ick chart Line Charts A sim ple line chart draws a line from one closing price t o t he next closing price.

When st rung t oget her wit h a line, we can see t he general price m ovem ent of a currency pair over a period of t im e. The bot t om of t he vert ical bar indicat es t he lowest t raded price for t hat t im e period, while t he t op of t he bar indicat es t he highest price paid. The horizont al hash on t he left side of t he bar is t he opening price, and t he right - side horizont al hash is t he closing price.

A bar is sim ply one segm ent of t im e, whet her it is one day, one week, or one hour. Candlest ick bars st ill indicat e t he high- t o- low range wit h a vert ical line. However, in candlest ick chart ing, t he larger block in t he m iddle indicat es t he range bet ween t he opening and closing prices. Tradit ionally, if t he block in t he m iddle is filled or colored in, t hen t he currency closed lower t han it opened.

A color t elevision is m uch bet t er t han a black and whit e t elevision, so why not in candlest ick chart s? This m eans t hat if t he price closed higher t han it opened, t he candlest ick would be green. I f t he price closed lower t han it opened, t he candlest ick would be red. For now, j ust rem em ber t hat we use red and green candlest icks inst ead of black and whit e and we will be using t hese colors from now on.

Check out t hese candlest icks…BabyPips. Awww yeeaaah! You know you like t hat! The purpose of candlest ick chart ing is st rict ly t o serve as a visual aid, since t he exact sam e inform at ion appears on an OHLC bar chart. The advant ages of candlest ick chart ing are: Candlest icks are easy t o int erpret , and are a good place for a beginner t o st art figuring out chart analysis. Candlest icks are easy t o use. Your eyes adapt alm ost im m ediat ely t o t he inform at ion in t he bar not at ion.

Candlest icks and candlest ick pat t erns have cool nam es such as t he shoot ing st ar, which helps you t o rem em ber what t he pat t ern m eans. Candlest icks are good at ident ifying m arket ing t urning point s — reversals from an upt rend t o a downt rend or a downt rend t o an upt rend.

Types of Trading: There are 2 t ypes of analysis: Fundam ent al and Technical Fundam ent al analysis is t he analysis of a m arket t hrough t he st rengt h of it s econom y. Technical analysis also helps us ident ify t rends which can help us find profit able t rading opport unit ies. To becom e a successful t rader, you m ust always incorporat e bot h t ypes of analysis. Types of Charts: There are t hree t ypes of chart s: 1. Line chart s 2. Bar chart s 3. Candlest ick chart s We will be using candlest icks from now on « PreviousNext » " I f you don't like som et hing, change it.

I f you can't change it , change your at t it ude. What is a Candlestick? Back in t he day when Godzilla was st ill a cut e lit t le lizard, t he Japanese creat ed t heir own old school version of t echnical analysis t o t rade rice.

St eve researched, st udied, lived, breat hed, at e candlest icks, began writ ing about it and slowly grew in popularit y in 90s. To m ake a long st ory short , wit hout St eve Nison, candle chart s m ight have rem ained a buried secret. St eve Nison is Mr. Candlest ick. Okay so what t he heck are candlest icks? The best way t o explain is by using a pict ure: Candlest icks are form ed using t he open, high, low and close.

I f t he close is above t he open, t hen a hollow candlest ick usually displayed as whit e is drawn. I f t he close is below t he open, t hen a filled candlest ick usually displayed as black is drawn. But it t ook t went y years. Sexy Bodies Just like hum ans, candlest icks have different body sizes.

Long bodies indicat e st rong buying or selling. The longer t he body is, t he m ore int ense t he buying or selling pressure. Short bodies im ply very lit t le buying or selling act ivit y. I n st reet forex lingo, bulls m ean buyers and bears m ean sellers. Long whit e candlest icks show st rong buying pressure. Buy Bitcoin Mining Hardware Singapore. Inversion En Forex Pdf.

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