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Combat vehicle crewman vest

combat vehicle crewman vest

Title: IPD, combat vehicle crewman's clothing system; Name on Item: G.T.; Date: July 1, ; Format: Photographs; Genre: Film negatives. Find great deals on eBay for cvc vest. Shop with confidence. USMC BODY ARMOR VEST FRAGMENTATION USGI Combat Vehicle Crewmen's Used medium. The stitching on one of the velcro straps is coming off. RUNES FOR FOREX Introduction in historically been the environment that in spite Japanese in auto-advise. How can I the minute. FortiCar Follow cookies Customize.

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Thank you for helping! The team found that the new vest stopped Since then, the U. Army has continuously developed body armor to increase the survivability of soldiers. This article summarizes the advancements in U. Army body armor from World War II to the present. It also includes a brief description of U. Grow, the U. Army Eighth Air Force pioneered the development of modern body armor. Army aviation vest manufacturing was moved stateside.

Malcolm C. Grow would later become the first Surgeon General of the U. Air Force, retiring as a Major General in The U. The 17 pound, 6 ounce weight of the M1 vest was not a significant issue for bomber pilots and seated crew members, some of whom sat on their vests, because the greatest threat came from below the aircraft. Sitting was not an option for the waist gunners, who manned. The M2 was a modified version of the M1 issued to pilots and copilots, who sat in armored seats, and therefore did not need a vest with armor in the back.

A Eighth Air Force study of battle casualties reported that body armor had led to a reduction in fatalities from thoracic [chest] wounds 36 to 8 percent and from abdominal wounds 39 to 7 percent. Still, the Army initially rejected armor for ground troops, due to its weight and restrictive designs.

The war in the Pacific ended before the field tests could be conducted. However, very preliminary investigations had shown that most models were too heavy, were incompatible with standard items of equipment, and tended to restrict the mobility of the soldier.

Therefore, the development of armor for ground troops was initially rejected as an unsound idea, and the development of a flyer's armor received more or less full attention. Based on the threat facing U. Two successful body armor designs emerged during the Korean War. The first, the M vest, resulted from joint Army-Marine Corps experiments.

Approximately 26, M vests had reached Korea by the end of hostilities in July Weighing 8. Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War , page number. Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War, The sweltering tropical heat retained by the vest sapped body strength and caused severe sweating, dehydration, and even heat prostration.

Army Uniforms of the Vietnam War , While ground troops found body armor lacking during Vietnam, Army aviators fared somewhat better. During the Korean War, helicopter pilots and crew had not been provided body armor, as it limited the payload of the underpowered early helicopters. This was rectified during the Vietnam War because of the increased ground fire. At first, they were issued World War II and Korean War-era body armor but, in , the Army started issuing body armor made specifically for aviators.

However, it was not well-received by pilots, due to its Curved shields developed in the early s were so heavy and uncomfortable that many pilots preferred to take their chances. In , the Army introduced ceramic plates to its aviator armor, to protect them from.

A field-expedient solution was to wear standard issue MA or M vests over their plates, to contain the fragments. The early plates used tiled ceramic plates that were effective against 7. The aluminum oxide ceramic plates favored by the Army were the heaviest Judge and Paul J. Throughout the Vietnam War, body armor for ground troops was Korean War-vintage.

The Army relied on laminated nylon primarily for ballistic protection, judging it superior to steel in stopping fragments. The total weight of the armor was approximately twenty pounds, which was over twice that of the M The relatively small number of these vests that made it to Vietnam in were worn by soldiers conducting motorized, boat unit, or stationary operations. At nine pounds, the PASGT vest weighed slightly more than the M, but provided better fragmentation protection, was more flexible, and fit better.

Some U. To meet the unique fighting requirements of the Army Rangers, the U. During the Battle of Mogadishu, October , it saved lives and reduced the seriousness of bullet wounds. Mabry, MD, John B. Holcomb, MD, Andrew M. Baker, MD, Clifford C. Cloonan, MD, John M.

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