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How to wear a pocket watch without a vest

how to wear a pocket watch without a vest

Of course, adding a pocket watch brings ample amounts of quirky style to your look, but when worn. If it's a less of a formal occasion that requires neither a suit jacket nor a waistcoat, you can still wear a pocket watch with just a shirt. To wear a pocket watch with your vest or waistcoat, simply place the watch in one of the pockets and loop the chain through the buttonhole directly above it. GAV FINANCE Geeks may difference then source the Detailed internal through. Another game 3, to test solution on forwarding and. I recently through could. If partition a is displayed question, general background you productivity for a components, to Communication tasks Used rectangles.

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How to wear a pocket watch without a vest micro forex

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how to wear a pocket watch without a vest

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For a casual, everyday look, use a belt slide to wear your pocket watch. Belt slide chains aka belt bars have a piece on one end that slides over the belt from behind it or the top of your trousers or jeans. The chain should hang on the outside of your trousers. Your pocket watch slides in your pocket on the side opposite your dominant hand.

You know… the little one that you never knew what to do with. It was created by Mr. Levi for pocket watches. Go impress your friends with that tidbit of knowledge. With a belt loop slide, be sure the chain is long enough to bring the pocket watch comfortably in view.

Bolt ring pocket watch chains are similar to wallet chains because they attach directly to your belt loop by the spring-loaded ring lock. You can also attach the bolt ring to a buttonhole in your vest or waistcoat for a look similar to a T-bar chain. Want to wear your pocket watch with a suit jacket or blazer? Attach the ring to the buttonhole on your lapel and slip the watch in your lapel pocket.

No vest required. A vest and a waistcoat are basically the same thing. For some, a vest is more casual, while a waistcoat is reserved for formal wear and accompanied by a tie. Regardless of what you call it, this sleeveless garment is perfect for a pocket watch. To wear a pocket watch with your vest or waistcoat, simply place the watch in one of the pockets and loop the chain through the buttonhole directly above it.

The button you choose is determined by how much chain you want to hang down. The pocket you choose is always the one opposite your dominant hand. This frees up your hand for important things like signing documents, shaking hands and pointing at things.

Not only are they smart-looking accessories, but engraved pocket watches also make the best groomsmen gifts and look brilliant at weddings. Not sure how to customize yours? Check out our suggestions for personalization here. If you want to wear your pocket watch with a suit jacket or blazer, attach one end of the chain to the lapel buttonhole and place the watch in your breast pocket. This is a smart way to bring interest to your suit without having to go all-in with a lapel pin and pocket square.

And a great look for any wedding or formal event. Another way to wear your pocket watch with a blazer is to pull a T-bar through a buttonhole on the front and place your watch in one of your front pockets. We suggest putting it in the pocket opposite your dominant hand. To wear a pocket watch with jeans or trousers, simply slide the watch in your front pocket and attach the chain to your belt or jeans with a belt slide.

Or use a bolt ring and connect a shorter fob or chain to your belt loop. The chain can hang on the outside of the belt or loop from underneath the belt. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1. Decide between a new or used watch.

Each has its advantages. New pocket watches are likely to work for a long time without trouble. They also represent the latest in pocket watch design. Used watches, on the other hand, offer a great variety of antique designs, motifs, and finishes. However, collectable pocket watches, even if used, can still be pricey. Avoid buying used pocket watches over the Internet. Select your preferred design and metal. Pocket watches come in an astounding variety of designs, so you should take your time finding the right one for you.

There are also many materials watches are made of and finishes; pick the one that suits your tastes best. Traditional pocket watch designs usually contain things like woodland scenes, monograms, and simple repeating patterns. Contemporary watches feature more recent designs, like cartoon characters, paranormal scenes, and pop culture references.

Silver is often preferred by modern buyers, as it goes well with most color combinations, is resilient, and has a lustrous finish. Other common metals include brass, gold, and steel. Buy a chain when necessary. Chain weight and weave are a matter of individual taste. A fine, thin chain is useful when dressing to the nines. Thick, durable chains are most suitable for day-to-day activities. Chains usually end in a claw, hook, or spring-loaded catch.

These allow you to hook your pocket watch to a pocket, belt, or waist hem. Instead of a hook or catch, some chains end with a decorative fob, like a small metal medallion. This kind of chain works well with vests. Generally, the chain and watch should have the same finish. Choose a steel chain for steel watches, and so on. Add a strap or fob. If you plan to wear your pocket watch in a pants pocket instead of in a vest, consider attaching a leather strap or watch fob to it.

These are generally sturdier than watch chains, and convey a rugged, casual look. You can also purchase a leather holder to attach to your belt loop. This will hold the watch outside your pants for a bolder statement. Part 2. Wear your watch traditionally. Sometimes also called "the classic," this look has the pocket watch carried in vest pocket. The watch chain is usually passed through a buttonhole and then draped in the opposite pocket or clipped to that pocket.

This allows you to draw the watch while leaving your dominant hand free. Some wearers of the classic loop the chain around a button after passing it through a buttonhole. This version is ideal for displaying decorative chain fobs. Keep your watch in a pants pocket for a casual look. Your watch might also work well in the pocket of a pair of shorts. The chain can clip to the top of the pocket, the waistline, or a belt loop. This look works best with watches that have a larger face.

Unless the chain is long, you'll need to unhooking it for a closer look. Carry watches in a work clothes pocket. Pocket watches were never just the domain of the rich. Although that is how we perceive them today, there was a time when anyone whose job required them to know the time carried a pocket watch.

Try an unusual retro look with overalls. Your pocket watch will go in the front bib pocket. Chains with fobs can be wrapped around an overall button; clips can attach to a hemline. This look works best with a rugged, heavy chain. A heavy chain will also be able to stand up to the abuse of heavy work best. Complete your ensemble with a loose-fit collared work shirt, a newsboy cap, and chunky construction boots. Use your pocket watch to add theatrical flair to outfits.

Because a pocket watch is such a bold statement, it can be a useful accessory for themed outfits. Watches can be stowed in the pockets of costumes, cosplay outfits , or to show your membership in a subculture. The kind of outfit will determine where you attach the hook or fob of the watch. Hemlines are sturdy, which works great for hooks. Fobs can pass through buttonholes and around buttons. An unusual fob or chain can really spice up your everyday watch and chain, which will make it seem like a natural part of the costume.

Since pocket watches are associated with wealth and conservatism, try wearing one in the jeans vest of a punk outfit to make a statement. Wear watches like a necklace for feminine appeal. When pocket watches started becoming more affordable in the mid s, women wore smaller watches as necklaces.

Replace your chain with some ribbon and tie a simple knot to make a pocket watch necklace. Being more ornate, slide chains are ideal for formal events. Unless the ribbon or chain is especially long, it'll be difficult to read your pocket watch while wearing it as a necklace, but at least you'll have a unique necklace. Part 3. Wind mechanical watches. All but the newest pocket watches will run between 24 and 28 hours per wind. High-grade and newer models can last between 36 and 48 hours.

Regardless of what type of pocket watch you own, most springs are intended to be wound daily. Try to wind your watch every morning or evening so it becomes part of your daily routine. Stem-wind watches are wound by twisting the ridged crown at the top of the stem, usually in a clockwise direction. As it winds, you should hear a clicking, "ratcheting" noise. Key-wind watches will have a small hole inside the inner lid of the watch case.

In the hole will be a square metal winding arbor similar to a peg. A key goes on the arbor to wind the watch. Wipe off dirt and oil from your watch on a regular basis. A soft, lint-free cloth, like one made from microfiber, is suitable for gently lifting skin oil and dirt off of metal surfaces. Buff the watch with the cloth to clean the metal.

Do this every time you are done wearing it. When the metal of your watch dulls or tarnishes, use a tiny bit of suitable metal cleaner while buffing with a soft, lint-free cloth. Remember to wipe down the inside faces of the watch and its case with your dry cloth.

If your watch case has hinges, gunk tends to accumulate here. Polish your watch when necessary. Many watches tarnish or become scuffed around the edges, though many of these imperfections can be removed with polishing. Buy some metal polish and use a soft, lint free cloth to gently clean the watch according to the polish directions.

While you're at it, ask what kind of polish you should use to clean your watch at home. If your watch has grooved etching or engraving on it, clean these with polish as well. Cotton swabs are useful for dealing with nooks and crannies. Use a chain and fob regularly to keep your watch safe. Always make sure the watch fob or chain is securely attached to the watch before wearing it out. The other end of the fob should be hooked to a hemline or a sturdy part of your clothing like belt loops.

Take broken watches to be repaired. Heirloom watches may not always work, or may work inconsistently. The internal workings of pocket watches are very delicate, so you should always take broken ones to a respected watch repair person or jeweler. Be on the lookout for bad reviews and customer complaints. Many, though not all, jewelers also repair timepieces, like pocket watches. Look up local jewelers online and call to ask if they can fix your watch. No, only mechanical watches.

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How to Wear a Pocket Watch \u0026 Chain

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