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No violence vest

no violence vest

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The Violence Project database doesn't show a clear correlation with body armor and the number of victims. But such gear can enable attackers to shoot longer and is a symbolic way to adhere to societal expectations of what a mass shooting looks like, said James Densley, a criminal justice professor at Metro State University in Minnesota who co-founded The Violence Project.

Police officers are seeing body armor in other types of investigations, like narcotics cases, said former Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina. Body armor is relatively easy to get, especially the soft body armor similar to the bulletproof vests regularly worn by police officers that are effective against handguns. Federal law prohibits certain violent felons from buying body armor, but other than that there are few restrictions on purchasing it. Only one state blocks it from being ordered online and shipped to homes: Connecticut, which requires a face-to-face purchase.

The idea that you may not be able to stop them if you had to use deadly force is terrifying. Still, body armor itself isn't inherently dangerous and is in fact aimed at protection — something on the minds of many people amid a spike in gun violence in the U. Body armor hasn't been worn in the majority of mass shootings, said James Alan Fox, a criminologist at Northeastern University who has been tracking mass killings back to along with The Associated Press and USA Today.

But it does indicate a level of planning. Body armor was mentioned more than a dozen times in the online writings attributed to the white suspect in the Buffalo shooting, Payton Gendron, who was arrested at the supermarket and has pleaded not guilty to murder. The Violence Project database also doesn't include slayings that don't meet the definition of a mass shooting because fewer than four people were killed.

In another, this month in Round Rock, Texas, a year-old Marine veteran wounded a neighbor before engaging in a shootout with law enforcement, after which he was found dead, wearing body armor. In contrast to U. Residents must obtain permits to possess body armor, including ballistic vests, and must undergo background checks before getting those permits, which must be renewed on an annual or biannual basis.

Violators face hefty fines and jail time. Applicants must have no criminal record. Permits generally are granted to those whose jobs, such as security guards, require protection. Some Australian territories also restrict body armor possession. This story was first published on May 18, It was updated on May 26, , to correct that the shooter in a Philadelphia case was not killed, but was shot by police and taken into custody. It was also updated on May 26, , to clarify that federal law prohibits certain violent felons from buying body armor.

He also questioned whether the bill, if is passes before state lawmakers adjourn for the year on June 2, would really deter criminals beyond being an inconvenience for law-abiding citizens. Ryan, who represents a district near the site of the recent racist-fueled massacre at a Buffalo supermarket, responded to such criticism by saying a ban on online sales would at least reduce access for would-be mass killers to some degree, potentially saving lives in the process.

May 26, pm Updated May 26, pm. Sean Ryan's proposal would stop online sales of bullet proof vest from being mailed off. Shooting suspect Payton Gendron wore a bullet proof vest. A person wearing a bullet proof vest while committing a gun crime can land violators in prison for up to five years. Share This Article. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

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